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Who knew?!

Only a couple of years ago, I picked up my dormant twitter account and started actually sending off tweets, instead of waiting for them. It worked. It worked so well, that today I crossed a milestone and ‘achieved’ 3k followers. It’s a bit hard to believe how effective twitter is at enabling community and providing an efficient stage for the sharing of one’s humble interests and memes. I am very glad that so many find my cobbled-together pictures funny, and are also willing to engage with me on a daily basis.

People usually fall into one of two camps: those that love and use social media and those that don’t. And within those two camps are a myriad of other distinctions. Were it not for my involvement with the Outlander fans who regularly post on both twitter and facebook, I would NOT have:

  1. Had such a social and lively trip to Scotland; a trip in which I felt completely ‘accompanied’ all the way
  2. Enjoyed a fantastic gathering of over 200 fans from around the world in Crieff, Scotland
  3. Met a number of amazing people, both here in NZ and abroad, whom I consider friends
  4. Been provided with a range of costumes, beautifully designed and made, and offered for free by a Kiwi fan and friend
  5. Felt so creatively stimulated in a year in which I was barely employed in a ‘real’ job.

Of course, the downside that is often pointed out to me, and which is very real, is that life on devices can take the place of life in the ‘real’ world (I argue a little with that, because the people I post with are very real). I take this comment to mean that sometimes the issues close to home, and the people who are owed our attention because they are present in front of us, sometimes play second fiddle to what’s happening in cyberspace. And I agree. It’s a line that is not often clearly seen.

Anyway, personally, I try my best to balance both worlds and have found life has grown a new dimension which I find stimulating and a lot of fun. Narrow though my view might be, I’m delighted to find an outlet for my humour online, and connect with others who feel the same. As a small celebration of crossing a milestone in twitter, I’ll finish with a few of the memes that I did along the way. Enjoy!


  1. bigdoh · December 30, 2015

    If it weren’t for FB, where I first met you, I would have never stepped warily into Twitterverse! I am forever thankful I did. I not only discovered a whole different world, I more importantly made a dear friend! Thank you Jenny for your humor, wit and talent!
    More importantly, thank you for your stalwart friendship! Much love always! Karen xxxxx

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