Turns and roundabouts

Merry Christmas!

Ours was celebrated with family at the usual gathering for lunch of ham and/or cold meats and delicious salads, and the customary pavlova and trifle to follow. It was a glorious day so we had it outside, with gusts of wind keeping the heat down.

We didn’t spend a lot this Christmas – all of us having different reasons for keeping the costs down, but still – it felt lavish. The trouble that is taken to make a gift for a loved one, and wrap it, all add so much to the experience, and if that side of things was counted, we had a very ‘wealthy’ Christmas. My sister made me (and her children) a wonderful individual terrarium, nurtured for a week or so beforehand, and with little icons in amongst the plants. She got the glass containers from various op shops, and so everyone’s was different. We love them. I received homemade liquer fruit, and everything was wrapped like this:

Mum had just been moved into a resthome a couple of days earlier, and so we visited her to open presents in the afternoon.

Boxing Day was spent truly relaxing and I didn’t leave the house except to get on my bike late in the day, as the sun had gone down to meet the horizon, and I thought I’d check out the newly opened portion of the western cycleway, where it meets my own turnoff to the peninsula. Here’s a wee movie of the discovery. Enjoy.



  1. bigdohk · December 27, 2015

    Your Christmas looked completely perfect! So much food! I love your cycling path.It’s great that cycling is being given recognition and safety for cyclers is being attended to.xx


    • jennyjeffries · December 27, 2015

      Yes, it has made all the difference to me that I can get into Auckland by bike almost without needing to go on any roads at all. I loved Amsterdam when I went earlier this year


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